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A higher degree of effectiveness was sought through the various themes of the programme. In order to achieve this, regionally important themes were selected for the programme implementation, and the calls for proposals were based on these themes.

The first call for proposals was opened on February 2010 under a theme Cross-border solutions for sustainable spatial, economic and environmental development. The second call was opened under a theme Tourism cooperation in spring 2011 and the third call, Forest based cooperation and sustainable energy solutions, in autumn 2011. The calls for proposals concentrated on Cultural cooperation, Social wellbeing and Sustainable exploitation of natural resources closed on August 2012. The results of the Karelia ENPI CBC Programme have been compiled in thematic brochures, take a look on


Short descriptions of all the projects financed under the programme and their results are available in the common project portal of Karelia, Kolarctic and Sourth-East Finland-Russia ENPI Programmes.

Ex post-evaluation of the Karelia ENPI CBC Programme

The ex-post evaluation of the Karelia ENPI CBC Programme provides an overall independent assessment of the impacts of Karelia ENPI CBC Programme. The evaluation was conducted between September 2015 and March 2016 and carried out by a consortium consisting of TK-Eval (consortium leader) and The University of Eastern Finland, Spatia – Centre for Regional Research at the Karelian Institute (partner).

The evaluation is composed in English and includes an abstarct in Finnish and Russian.